The Golf Course

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Golf Academy Lessons

I am just starting and don't have clubs, can I still take lessons?

Yes, we will supply you with clubs for use during lessons. And, if you come out to practice between lessons, you can always borrow clubs in the Pro Shop.

I am just starting out, should I take private or group lessons?

This is largely a matter of personal preference. Do you prefer a high level of interaction throughout the lesson or would you prefer some time to yourself to apply the things you have learned? Does your schedule allow for signing up for the group lessons or do you need more flexibility? Rest assured, either way you will receive the highest quality golf instruction.

Are semi-private lessons available?

Yes, if 2-3 people wish to share a lesson, each person is charged the half-hour rate for each hour of instruction.

I play golf every now and then and have learned from friends, reading, etc. Is the beginner series right for me?

Sometimes, the answer is "yes", but if you have been playing or hitting on the range enough to have developed a swing, private instruction may provide a more rewarding and rapid path to advancement.

Are lessons given in rainy weather?

Yes, the lesson stalls are both covered and protected by windscreens, permitting lessons to be given year-round.

Are there different rates among the instructors?

No, the rate is the same for all instructors. The experience and training required to teach at the Golf Academy guarantees professional high-quality instruction, no matter which instructor you work with.