The Golf Course

Group Clinics

Beginner Series / 4-90 minute group sessions / $195

Recommended for the absolute beginner to the intermediate player who would like instruction covering all aspects of the game.  This series begins the first week of every month and includes four weekly sessions of ninety minutes each (a total of six hours of instruction).  We'll prepare you to play a fun, rewarding round of golf, we will cover everything from set-up (grip, stance & posture), full swing, chipping & putting.

Beyond Beginner Series  / 4-90 minute group sessions / $195

This instructional series has been specifically designed to build upon the skills and fundamentals learned on the Beginner Series, as well as to meet the needs of the more advanced player.  Further use of our 4-View video analysis and unique practice techniques will further your understanding and enjoyment of the game of golf.  This program focuses on the use of long irons/hybrids, fairway woods & driver, as well as a greater focus on putting and the short game from 60 yards and in to the green, where the vast majority of "scoring" shots are played.

Short Game Clinic / 2 hour group clinic / $80

This information packed two-hour clinic is ideal for anyone looking to dramatically improve all areas of their short game.  Learn how increase your confidence on and around the greens, so that you can get up & down more often and lower your scores.

Senior Players Clinic / 1 hour group clinic / $45

In this one hour clinic, we'll address the unique needs of the senior player, and focus on making your rounds more enjoyable by helping you improve your scores.  We will cover warm-up / stretching techniques, how to hit more fairways and greens by employing the proper shot strategy, and finally how to improve your distance off the tee and gain confidence on the course.

Junior Players Clinic / 90 minute group clinic / $45

This one and a half hour clinic is designed for kids who have never played golf before, up to those with intermediate skills.  We will work on helping your child develop the correct grip, stance & posture fundamentals, as well as full swing, chipping and putting.  We utilize our proven instruction techniques to help get your child started on the correct path to a lifetime of enjoyment playing golf!


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