Golf Site Requirements (5/8/20)

Use of golf courses and driving ranges authorized by Section 16.a.iii.3 of the April 29 Order shall comply with the following requirements:

  1. Strictly practice and enforce all social distancing requirements as defined in Section 16.k of the April 29 Order.
  2. Conduct all business and transactions involving members of the public in outdoor spaces in accordance with Section 5 of the April 29 Order. Clubhouses, restaurants, bars and other primarily indoor facilities on or within courses must remain closed as required under the April 29 Order.
  3. Groups must be limited to a maximum of four players per group, unless all players within the group are part of a single family or household unit.
  4. Golfers may not share or rent any equipment except as otherwise provided herein.
  5. Cart Operations:
    • Carts will be limited to one rider and two bags.
    • Carts will be sanitized after each use.
    • Hand Carts will be sanitized after each use.
  6. All high-touch surfaces and equipment (i.e. water stations, hand towels, ball washers, scorecards and pencils, etc.) must be removed from the range or course prior to operation. Cups must be lifted above the putting surface to ensure there is no retrieval of ball from the cup. Flags may be removed or fixed in place at each hole. Cups may be filled or inverted so that the ball can come to a rest at the cup but also be retrieved easily without touching any surfaces.
  7. No tournament style events, group instruction or clinics.
  8. Golf courses and driving ranges operating within Marin County shall be open to Marin County residents only.
  9. The owner or manager of each golfing site shall provide security or patrolling to ensure golfers’ compliance with the requirements of this Appendix 1