(PLEASE NOTE: Classes start the SECOND week in July due to the 4th of July holiday.)


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For Novice Players

Want to learn how to play golf? Then this is the perfect class for you to get started. The class focuses on fundamentally building golf swings the right way to help students develop good habits. After focusing on the full swing for the first three weeks of the class, we spend some time learning to chip and putt before taking our skills to the course to end the series.

To sign up – Call the Pro Shop (415) 492-1800 X1

Cost: $195 per person for series

Class Dates: Tuesday 6-7:30, Friday 12-1:30, Sunday 10:30- noon.


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Advanced Beginner

The sequel to the Beginners Series is designed to focus on your entire golf game. Each week we will work on a different aspect of the game including putting, chipping/pitching, and the full swing. In the last class, we will go over course management skills on the course.

*In order to take this class you must have taken part in at least one beginner series in the past.

To sign up – Call the Pro Shop (415) 492-1800 X1

Cost: $195 per person for series

Class Dates: Wednesday 6-7:30pm.

Want to learn how to play golf by actually playing the game on the course? Operation 36 classes offer a different path to learning the game by focusing on breaking a score of 36 for 9 holes from designated distances.

For example division one is from 25 yards, division two is from 50 yards, division 3 is from 75 yards and so forth. We offer seasonal classes for men, women, and juniors. There will also be 4 competitive Match days throughout each season. Get started by downloading the Op36 app today!

One Month Class

(July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov) includes two teaching sessions and 2 match days – $249

BONUS: Those who sign up for the ONE Month class offering will also get a range key to use for the month!

Two Month Class 

(June-July, Aug-Sept, Oct- Nov) includes 4 teaching sessions and 4 match days, and range key to use for the two months – $449